Lottery winners, main facts

Lottery - it's fate in its purest form. 

Here, Lady Luck is talking to you directly, without intermediaries. By purchasing a ticket, the player applies for your personal happiness and waiting for a response that is focused on guessing the prize horse or count playing cards. Earn on this unit. As in any game of chance, lottery winner becomes the main restaurant. Lottery organizers themselves they do not play. As is known, the competent drug dealer will never sniff their poison.

British couple David and Kathleen Long for the second time won £ 1 million in the EuroMillions lottery
All lottery alike. Lottery Rules are simple and versatile as an international sign language of deaf-mutes. After paying a small amount for a ticket, you get into the queue of potential millionaires. The biggest prizes of the lottery offers, in which the player must choose the winning combination of numbers, thereby predicting the result of the draw. Full match result gives the so-called "jackpot", the maximum gain, which in the United States and in many countries of Europe tens of millions. Lottery with a fixed combination of numbers can bring to the winner slightly less. In the instant lottery, the cheapest and low-profit, serious people do not play. But the point of the game, with all the differences in each of the lottery is the same: not putting effort, time and forever change his destiny, he caught the elusive smile of fortune.

Drawing history

Mass game with cash prizes invented in Europe. For the right to be called the birthplace of public lotteries today debating Italy and France. Also assume that the first mention of the lottery in the European countries associated with the raffle, which was organized by the widow of the Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck, Lottery was held in Bruges, Belgium contemporary, and is dated February 24, 1466. It is known that one of the first public Lottery cash prizes was held in Florence in 1530. Lottery, which bears the proud name of "La Lotto de Fyarentse" enjoyed a roaring success by uniting in a common pursuit of winning the scattered Italian cities and principalities. Soon lottery, in addition to eating pizza and afternoon rest, became the Italian folk tradition. It is not surprising that one of the first steps of the King of Italy was reunited in 1863, holding pantoitalian lottery.

In England Lottery implanted indomitable will of monarchs. Appreciate the Italian lottery, in 1566, Queen Elizabeth I announced a public cash prizes. Gains enough to rebuild harbors, so that the main prize for the British conquered later became the unofficial title of "Mistress of the Seas." 

English Lottery 1566 Scroll
Subsequent British lottery is also timed to coincide with an important economic projects. Thus, the lottery in 1627 was intended to solve the problem of financing of construction of London's aqueduct. Profits from subsequent drawings went to the establishment of the British Museum, construction of water supply and the construction of bridges. In 1826, growing rich at the expense of the colonies Empire decided to withdraw from lotteries, considering their occupation god-sicking.

But the lottery has taken root in the United States. Even in 1776, the Continental Congress proposed a lottery to the rescue from which it would be possible to organize a revolt against the British authorities. 

1776 Continental Congress Lottery Ticket
The head of one of the first American lotteries became George Washington himself. Profits from the lottery has been spent on the construction of roads through the hills Kumberlendskie. Money from other lotteries spent wisely, and in the fullest sense of the word: revenue from ticket sales has allowed the US government to fund the establishment of such universities as Harvard, Yale and Columbia.

The founding father of the first French lottery became King Francis the First. Desperate to fight for ordinary monarchs cash deficit, he has allowed from 1520 to 1539 the unit of private and public lotteries. The venture did not catch: Unlike the flighty Italians calculating the Gauls did not believe in the case, and therefore kept their savings in the straw mattresses. To break the ice of mistrust to Fortune could only ardent Giacomo Casanova. With the help of an ingenious intrigue he won the right to become the first manager of the state lottery, the aim of which was to collect money for the famous "Ecole Militaire", Royal Military School.

Ingenious Casanova, who had received six percent with revenue, announced that twenty-four hours after the circulation will return the money for non-winning tickets. Promotional trick failed. Total revenue amounted to two million francs, of which the crown had six hundred thousand. Subsequently, Casanova always wore lottery tickets in their pockets, and they bribed officials and nobles. Scandals, and kept flashing on his adventures, easily extinguished oncoming flames of passion. So much so, that from 1758 to 1759 of the legendary hero - lover was referred to as the "Lord of the Director of the Bureau of the Royal Military School of the lottery."

Names and records

The most ridiculous is considered a lottery draw, not so long ago held a European newspaper. The first day of April, it came with three black rectangles on the front page. The note stated that the owners of the newspapers carried a lottery: it is necessary to scrape off the protective layer and smell the paper underneath. If the flavor in all three cases coincide and be correctly named, the winner receives a lifetime 80% discount on the perfumes of this brand. Readers from among the fair sex scraping paper to the holes. And thoughtfully smelled ...

To get to the pages of history textbooks by the joke is rather difficult. Much better people remembered a record amount of wins. Thus, the largest prize in the world amounted to 363 million dollars and was paid in 2000, the US citizen who bought a lottery ticket at a supermarket Big Game and fill out winning lottery numbers. 

In second place was the US lottery Powerball - here is the largest jackpot has exceeded 314 million, and paid him in February 2004. In the same year the record Mega Millions lottery, also operating in the United States, reached $ 290 million. By the way, today these two lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions - are leading in the United States for the issuance of large cash prizes (based on «Mega Millions results» queries, "power ball numbers», "powerball winning numbers», etc. number in the millions in Google Trends).

It seems that in the United States and other developed countries, people have become accustomed to such numbers in order. Most cold-blooded lottery winner living in Canada. Raymond Sobieski in 2003, won the biggest prize in the history of the country, the amount of which amounted to 30 million Canadian dollars (23 million US dollars), but the money has come in one year, 12 days before the expiry of the lottery ticket. 

Oxford County man Raymond Sobieski won $30 million in 2004 
47-year-old man, hid the winning ticket in the safe, which is not said even members of his family, and quietly went to work. "I did not want to rush," - said Sobieski, when they finally come for a prize - "I decided to keep the ticket in my interest until I will deal with all your chores." For the year of patience Sobieski carefully studied the financial legislation and threw hateful job. In recognition of the organizers of the lottery Ontario Lottery, Corporation «Ontario Gaming and Lottery Corp», they were sure that the ticket was lost. This gentleman, who was very carefully manage their time, for a long time and be very careful to make any decision. Very patient and even laid-back person. "It only remains to add that in the history of Canadian lotteries sum largest unclaimed prize was more than 4.5 million Canadian dollars.

The winning ticket can be obtained for free. For example, a 34-year-old Rebecca Jemison from Cleveland, filed their rights to a prize of 162 million dollars. The day before, a resident of the same town, 40-year-old Eles Battle, told the police about the loss of the ticket with a triumphant combination of numbers. According to her, the treasured piece of paper just fell out of her purse close by lottery kiosk. Unsuccessful search for a ticket during the day takes more than a hundred people. The winner of the lottery, Rebecca Jamison claims that did not have to do with them.

Rebecca Jemison, left, talks with reporters after claiming the $162 million Mega Millions jackpot

But organizers of the UK National Lottery (more commonly known simply as the British national lottery) knew perfectly well where the owner of the big win: two years ago the jackpot of seven million pounds ripped for life prisoner serial rapist. The winner of the lottery, 52-year-old Yorvort Hoare, for the first time was in jail in the 20 years of age. After serving eighteen years for rape, he was detained at the time of the attack on a lonely old woman walk in the park, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Prison mode not prevented him fabulously rich. 

Lotto rapist Iorworth Hoare
Having received, in terms of the US currency, 12,978,672 dollars just on interest with Hoare accounts will receive 12,352 "conventional units" on a monthly basis. But to pay for everything: due to changes in inmate Hoare's financial status was in lists of potential escapees and therefore was transferred to a maximum security prison. The owner of the winning was not surprised at this turn of events, bitterly remarking that he "always had bad luck."

Fortune Psychologists 

Paradoxically, the prisoner lottery millionaire is quite right. Successful people rarely gamble. As aptly remarked psychologists "richest man buys insurance, and the poor - a lottery ticket." Scientists believe that no reasonable belief in luck is a purely biological roots. However, only for chronic losers, it becomes the main guideline in life.

The desire to find a pattern in the whole belongs only to man. In primitive tribes natural superstition saves lives, but gives rise to religion. For random events attributed magical features. Stain, for example, the leader of his face before a successful hunt, and all the tribe will continue to go out to fish only with painted faces. And accidentally killed before a lost battle lizard immediately elevated to avenging spirits of ancestors. But the death of a person who ate the poisonous fruit unintentionally, creates exactly the right ban on eating the "wrong" product.

The psychology of modern man differs little from the warehouse of the soul of his ancestors. However, belief in their own ability to predict the consequences of minor events appears, for the most part, is in the details. We are afraid of accidents, each time trying to catch the rhythm of divine predestination. That is why we have a "happy" and "unfortunate" ties and shirts. Millions of Earthlings crossed fingers for luck, spit at the sight of a black cat, and fortune-tellers to pay for vague predictions. And yet - the latest put money guessing 'cherished' numbers. In the language of psychology, it is called a "basic desire for avoidance of uncertainty." Most people believe that following clear rules necessarily lead them to happiness. So buy a lottery ticket. Hope to win, each player gives a sense of exclusivity, which is present in every person, regardless of his place in society, the thickness of the purse and physical data.

And this, according to scientists, is precisely the root of gambling. Numerous studies have shown that the normal level of self-diagnosed in a person when he evaluates himself slightly, but higher than the others. Each of us feels worthy to play a leading role in the theater of life. Genetic experience and story of popular films suggest that it needs very little. Placate the deity, to fail, to take a chance on the hunt. Or swallow as Neo from "The Matrix", the desired tablet. Give God a chance to note you his grace. At least buy a lottery ticket.

Lottery, like any other game gives you an instant answer to the question about their own solvency. There is no need for a long time and working hard, building a career and accumulating capital. Luck communicates directly with the player, almost without intermediaries. And every time I have a chance to start all over again. Over time, the attachment to the regular test of fate can become a disease. The player feels the ability to somehow wag events, choosing to buy a day ticket, or performing a ritual. Selectively locking events, one finds a lot of evidence of that simple idea that his personal gain real. And making a major life bid for the prize, leaving the real life "for later". And when it finally drops the jackpot, do not know what to do with the long-awaited treasure.

Accidents lucky

Are there many people in the world will agree with the statement "Money is not happiness," or at least to the fact that happiness - not only in them? Chances are, if you do not take into account the exotic tribes have very little idea about this achievement of civilization, most earthlings answer that untold wealth, may not make them completely happy, but certainly save you from unnecessary worries. And only a few sensible people realize that suddenly fell to the millions of head (billions, trillions - depending on the currency) can not bring happiness and a full life collapse. But there are not many. The majority of the inhabitants are forced to save all his life, and cut back to save, at least once in life, but amused themselves with dreams of sudden wealth. The shortest road to it - winning the lottery.

Ten years ago the publication San Francisco Chronicle published an article on what mistakes owners make large cash prizes. As we found out the journalists, the first million dollars normally spent on traveling, and the remainder of his fortune significant portion of lottery millionaires squander the next five years. These findings are, in general, is not surprising, because spending money wisely can not everyone. However, the sudden wealth not only leads to extravagance, but often - to divorce, depression and alcoholism.

When a New Yorker Juan Rodriguez in November 2004 - a native of Colombia, who worked in a shop in the parking lot, ripped the grand prize Mega Millions lottery, he was the first ever totally happy. With only 78 cents on the account and 44 thousand dollars of debt, he won the jackpot in the amount of 149 million dollars. 

Juan Rodriguez
Within ten days after the win I was left without a wife. It turned out the wife was going to throw Rodriguez all 17 years of their life together, and because of her husband's financial failure. What nevertheless all these years kept the woman next to Rodriguez, is not clear, but the unknown cause immediately evaporated when Senora Rodriguez realized he could get a divorce own share of millions and affect the divorce court hearing, "he could win much more ".

Winning the lottery Powerball American Andrew Jackson Whittaker, by his own admission lucky, brought him nothing but trouble. In 2002, Whittaker broke a record prize of 315 million dollars. In his victory interview, he said he wants to become a positive example for the people, and to dispose of the money so that the citizens could be proud of him later. Then he completely corrupted character and started trouble with the law for two years and a half years Whittaker was arrested twice for drunk driving, and by the court forcibly placed in a specialized clinic. Moreover, Whittaker three accused of violating public order and causing grievous bodily harm. And then the police found in the house Whittaker body of 18-year-old girl, a friend of his granddaughter, who died of a drug overdose. 

Andrew “Jack” Whittaker

Three months later, she was gone and granddaughter Brandi Whittaker, whose body was found eleven days later. No charges millionaire did not show: at the time of the death of the girls he had "iron" alibi. However, the police did not take her eyes off him. And not for nothing: soon, on his new "Hummer", he crashed into a concrete fence on the road, and immediately went to jail for drunk driving. In addition, he was charged with illegal possession of a gun, which Jack waved under the nose of police. Upon his release, Whittaker had quarreled with all your friends and serious gash. In his depression, he blamed money. Rather, the very large number of them.

Another American, impoverished father of three children, Billy Bob Harrell, in June 1997, the sole local lottery jackpot in the Lotto Texas $ 31 million. The prize, in agreement with the organizers of the lottery, he paid gradually, at $ 1.2 million a year. Soon Bob was inundated with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Over the year and a half that followed after winning seven he changed phone numbers. Soon Harrell's wife filed for divorce, and he, from the constant hassle, lost twenty kilograms.

Billy Bob Harrell, in June 1997, the sole local lottery jackpot in the Lotto Texas $ 31 million

Amount to be paid

Lottery - a dangerous occupation. Of course, collecting money at the expense of the game, the state can solve a few urgent problems. But in general, the economy of such experiences have a corrupting influence. As, however, and in the minds of the players. Experts note that most lottery winners ruining their inability to dispose of millions of others and the desire to profit at the expense of the lucky ones. Psychologists say that the most difficult thing to have to people for whom winning is a welcome escape from the endless needs.

Unexpected luck breaks no worse misfortune, taking relatives and friends, who suddenly become avid seekers, taking the spoiled children, and killing the desire to work. Unfair wealth dizzy, causing very real inflation soul. To cope with the win, it is best to organize your own "Stabilization Fund", or, if you will, "Future Generations Fund". And do not spend a penny of it for fun!

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