How to use loneliness

How to use loneliness for one's own benefit. Genre - essay that contains advice based on author's experience and psychological literature. Advice is useful, article is good for every age. It can be also interesting for students who'are studying English.

How to use loneliness for one's own benefit

How to use loneliness

Loneliness is not only about problems in communication with people or being a weirdo preferring the company of a bottle of wine or a dozen of cats. The base of loneliness often lies in several inner problems which a person may own. In this article I am going to consider the reasons of feeling lonely never considered before.

How can loneliness be recognized? First of all, a lonely one prefers being alone instead of going out with someone. Sounds illogical, but the lonely one usually seems to understand his mental state himself, which in turn makes him feel useless and needless for people. However there may be another explanation. A lonely person avoids hanging out with friends, as he distinguishes himself from each of them because of very unique interests or views. Out of this appears incompatibility causing uncomfortable moments of silence or boredom.

How to use loneliness

Secondly, a lonely one often prefers to sleep a lot. The daytime he habitually fulfills with unnecessary activity, participates in many social activities, listens to lections and tries to be always in rush. This way he finds a lot of acquaintances in different preferable spheres which don’t oblige him to long hours of conversations and intrusion into his private life. And then at the end of a day he comes home exhausted and falls asleep. As we know, brain work needs huge amount of energy. Sleeping is the only thing which can nourish the organism to the whole extent and totally recharge it.
A lonely person is often predisposed to addictions. Drinking a lot of alcohol, drug consumption, gluttony – all these disorders are caused by the feel of loneliness.

How to use loneliness

If you are suspicious about one of your friends, relatives or even about yourself to feel lonely, it’s better to understand it instantaneously. When it is you to suffer from loneliness, you need to analyze, why you feel so. “Do you find your interests boring?” is the question, which doesn’t have sense any more. The one which does is: “Do your friends find your interests boring?”. Actually, you cannot know without trying telling them something referring to your hobbies. But if you have already and their reaction was not satisfying, expand your communication circumference with people interested in the same things as you. Also, you need to understand that your hobbies are unique and they are not your curse, but the way to affluence. Do not let people make you feel inferior and kill your talent.

How to use loneliness

If it is your relative or a friend, talk to him or her carefully so that he or she could recognize loneliness without your help. If they do, explain how unique they are and assure that there is no trouble in feeling lonely, as this feeling is temporary, but talent is forever.
How to use loneliness

There are many people suffering from loneliness, as they continue to rely on the social point of view, which is not always longsighted or tolerant. People with unusual interests are supposed to create something never existing before and they should retain and improve their talent. As mode is born by many, unique things are one on a millions.
By Olena Mazhuha special for CNN

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