Climate in France

The climate in most parts of France, formed under the constant influence of the air masses moving in from the Atlantic, and in general is characterized as a sea, moderately warm and humid. 

Climate in France
Especially mild and humid climate is Brittany. It is characterized by cloudy days with strong winds, the small difference between summer and winter temperatures. The average temperature in July in the west of Brittany +62,6°F (+17°C), and in January +44,6°F (+7°C).

Climate in France
As the distance from the ocean to the east coast of the continental climate increases. There are more sunny, but frosty days, the amplitude of the annual average temperature is +68°F (+20°C). Yet in most parts of the country (excluding mountains) winter temperatures are positive, the snow cover is usually absent, the river does not freeze. The climate of Paris, very close to the climate of Moscow on the number of annual precipitation and summer temperatures, but differs significantly warmer in the winter: the average January temperature in Paris +38,3°F  (+3,5°C).

Climate in France
A much harsher climate in the mountains - the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central. They are characterized by strong winds, abundant rainfall and low winter temperatures, prolonged snow cover. Protected from the northern winds by the Central Alps and an array of Mediterranean coast has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and warm wet winters. The most mild winter is different extreme eastern part of the coast of France - Riviera. In Nice, the average July temperature of +73,4°F (+23°C), January +46,4°F (+8°C). Here, in all seasons, many sunny days.

Climate in France
The average annual rainfall in most parts of the country is 600-1000 mm. Especially a lot of them (up to 2000 mm) falls on the slopes of the mountains and hills, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Less than 600 mm of rain are just some inland areas, surrounded by hills and mountains - the area between the Seine and the Loire valley of the Rhine and the Rhone, as well as the Mediterranean coast. Precipitation everywhere except the Mediterranean coast, are distributed relatively evenly over the season with quite a few autumn-winter maximum.

Typical of the French combination of moderate temperatures with sufficient rainfall is favorable for the development of agriculture, and a considerable range of climatic differences in culture can be grown as a temperate zone and subtropics, such as citrus in Corsica.

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