Anonymous group announces war on Donald Trump

Anonymous, the gathering known for digital assaults on government and corporate sites, has another target: GOP presidential competitor Donald Trump

Anonymous declares war total against Donald Trump

In a video discharged on YouTube, a hooded figure wearing a Guy Fawkes veil says that Trump "has not just stunned the USA, you have stunned the whole planet with your horrifying activities and thoughts."

The speaker goes ahead to say, "To our kindred hacktivists all through the world; This is a call to secure our future, our flexibility and our lifestyle. This is a call to you. We require you to close down his sites."

This not the first run through the hacktivist bunch has followed Trump, as indicated by The Guardian. It reports that toward the end of 2015 it close down his site for Trump Tower in New York City after his call to restriction Muslims from entering the U.S.

Watch the full video beneath:

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