11 ways to get better skin

As someone who used to have severe acne, I know what it's like to want perfect skin, here are some things that I have tried and have helped my skin:

11 ways to get better skin

1. Wash your face everyday. 

If you wash your face at least once a day, any excess oil can be washed off preventing any pimples or blemishes.

11 ways to get better skin

2. Going on medicine.

if you have medium to severe acne, medicine can really help. Antibiotics temporarily get rid of acne and isotretinoin pills can be a potential cure. (you need to consult a medical practitioner before doing this) 

11 ways to get better skin

3. Eating better food.

Oily food is one of the worst kinds of food for acne-prone skin. That's why avoiding those kinds of food best. 

11 ways to get better skin

4. Putting Aloe Vera on before bed.

Aloe Vera contains 2 hormones that provide anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. It helps the growth of new skin cells allowing the skin to heal properly.

11 ways to get better skin

5. Avoid using products with alcohol on your skin.

Alcohol is used in products to create a quick drying finish but, alcohol creates dryness and impacts the skins ability to heal.

11 ways to get better skin

6. Don't go crazy on products.

Using too many store-bought products can do more bad than good for your skins health. Too many harsh chemicals can cause skin irritation and redness.

11 ways to get better skin

7. Take off your makeup before bed.

If you leave your makeup on for a long period of time, it will end up clogging your pores and making your skin break out.

11 ways to get better skin

8. Make sure your pillow case is clean.

Your pillow case can be the cause of pimples and skin imperfections. If not washed regularly, the oil and dirt in your pillow can impact your skin.

11 ways to get better skin

9. Shower after working out.

Perspiration left behind from working out can help bacteria breed on your skin leading to rashes or impurities.

11 ways to get better skin

10. Drink lots of water.

Water acts as a protective barrier and maintaining good levels of water can really help with wrinkles, fine lines and acne.

11 ways to get better skin

11. Putting zinc on pus filled pimples.

Zinc dries out the pus in pimples. The best way to deal with pus filled pimples is to put zinc cream on any pimples before bed. They'll flake up and fall off.

By Natasha Poly, Hana Northey for CNN

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