Vanilla Ice has answered for his crimes

Vanilla Ice answered for his crimes

Popular of 90s rapper Vanilla Ice has worked on public works hundred hours and thus paid off with the state for his crime - stealing a neighbor's bicycle and other personal belongings. Robert Van Winkle (real name of the artist) is also paid 1,333 dollars to the owner at home, of which he had robbed in lanthanum. Now, when all the issues in this case are settled, Vanilla longer has a criminal record, and because a year ago it "light" up to five years in prison.

Vanilla Ice answered for his crimes

Recall that the star of Robert lit for more than twenty years ago, but, flushing, I got burned for long. From the singer forgot all the artist tried to become a TV star, but that, as we see, he was not lucky. But was the star of the criminal chronicles. That's because life is a strange thing.

Vanilla Ice answered for his crimes

Representatives of the 48-year-old Vanilla is called the whole thing a misunderstanding, because most of the things, which is credited with stealing Ice was stolen or slaughtered by the vandals, who, like a celebrity, get into an empty house through the window.

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