Tiramisu. Homemade recipe

Tiramisu. Homemade recipe

Tiramisu - it's very popular in the world of Italian dessert that is prepared without baking, and it serves as the basis for mandatory cookie "Savoiardi" and cheese "Mascarpone". That's tiramisu is prepared by classical recipe.

Today We will make a great sweet dessert tiramisu on this recipe.
Main before cooking tiramisu mascarpone put in the refrigerator. Cheese for tiramisu must be very cold, otherwise the cream will turn liquid. Eggs must be at room temperature.

Tiramisu. Homemade recipe

Keep highly recommend the tiramisu in the refrigerator no more than 2-3 days because of the content in the raw egg cream. Try to prepare this easy, but very tasty dessert!

Tiramisu. Homemade recipe

Bon Appetit!

"Mascarpone" cheese 1,1 pound
Cookies "ladies' fingers" or "Savoiardi" 0,55 pound
Powdered sugar 0,22 pound
Eggs 4 pcs
Strong natural brewed or instant coffee 0,66 pound
Rum (any or brandy) 2 table spoons
Cocoa powder or grated chocolate

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