That's why cats are so fond of sleeping on the hosts!

The fact that cats love to sleep on their hosts - not news. Many noticed for their pets this habit, but did not attach much importance to it.
It turns out that this phenomenon has an explanation. More recently, British researchers conducted a series of studies to uncover the cause of this behavior of our mustachioed-tailed friends.

In fact, there are several theories why cats are so fond to sleep on their hosts. Today we tell about the most popular ones.

Theory I, temperature and energy-healing

The average body temperature of a cat is much higher than in humans, and is about 101,48 °F. Accordingly, it needs a lot more heat to keep warm. You probably noticed that the four-legged love to curl up into a ball on batteries or a window sill, lit by solar rays.

The human body also highlights the enormous amount of heat, especially the head and limbs. It is very attractive pet. Many people probably noticed that when they have something hurts, cats lie exactly on this place, removing the discomfort. The reason lies in the too elevated temperature diseased organ or area of ​​the body.

That's why cats are so fond of sleeping on the hosts!

TheoryII, aromatic

Cats love with the smell of a host of hair, especially women. Still, after all of the fair half so fond of using all kinds of scented shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, that cats are just crazy about these dizzying fragrance.

I remember a friend is constantly surprised that her kitty loves to lick her hair. Joy is not worth it, because harmful chemicals may thus get into the intestine of the animal, causing him great harm.

That's why cats are so fond of sleeping on the hosts!

TheoryIII, sentimental

Some scientists theorize that cats love the feeling of comfort and tranquility that experience, being near the master. Therefore, the place is better than your pillow, abdomen or arm, mustachioed simply could not be found.

Joking aside, but experts still advise people to unlearn the habit of cats to lie on the body of the host, because the consequences can be for a person not joyful: violation of the respiratory rhythm, numb limbs and even chronic insomnia.

So it is better to arrange a separate fluffy place to stay, even if he likes to sleep on you more than life itself. Necessarily share this interesting information with your friends, especially those who have cats and kitties.

That's why cats are so fond of sleeping on the hosts!

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