McDonald's-only diet

This teacher ate only fast food for 30 days. Look, what has become of his body!

Once in the classroom of English teacher hyped us super popular at the time the film "Super Size Me." Its essence is that the main hero of the film, journalist Morgan Spurlock decided to hold a shocking experiment. During the month, the movie actor undertook there is only one fast food and nothing but fast food.

McDonald's-only diet

Not only that, guinea barely enough for those ill-fated 30 days, so he is also not a joke ditched their health (despite the fact that the whole process took place under the watchful supervision of doctors). To get in shape after a terrible experiment, Morgan took more than 2.5 years ...

But today edition of #Mediacentury do not tell about it. School teacher from Iowa John Cisna so inspired the film Morgan Spurlock, he decided to repeat the deadly experiment. But unlike the journalist John was not recovered, but lost (!) By as much as 35 pounds in 30 days.

McDonald's-only diet

You do not think about it, some kind of trick to this. All breakfasts, lunches and dinners, John did spend in the restaurants chain "McDonalds" and the like. That's just the teacher has set itself strict limitation: do not eat more than 2000 calories a day.

What a surprise it was a teacher when he began to recruit and rapidly lose weight by eating only fast food. This state of affairs had so like John, he continued his diet in the same spirit. Result - minus 28 kg for 180 days!

McDonald's-only diet

Moreover, John, unlike Morgan Spurlock, did not refuse physical activities and sports. Apparently he did not want to experiment got him sideways. Daily John Cisna allocated 45 minutes for a walk.

Teacher admits that had never thought of calories consumed daily. And this experiment was instilled in him a useful habit. Do not be amiss to mention that the students also took an active part in the Challenge, John.

McDonald's-only diet

They made up the diet of the teacher and helped him follow the recommendations regarding daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Another trick: all the food got John for free. The owner of the network "McDonalds" restaurants was so interested in the positive result that was willing to pay for all the tricks of the test meal. Later John Cisna, published a book, "My diet" McDonald's "."
McDonald's-only diet
This experiment proves once again the simple truth. It's not only what you eat, but also a reasonable approach.

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