Mankind destroyers

If Your Faith In Humanity Is Going to the End, These Idiots May Destroy It

Ideally you never need to meet these individuals, yet risks are, you've met some like them. If so, I am so sad.

1. He's simply that Kool-potent!

He's simply that strong!

2. "Sah hot beb" Sure!

"Sah hot beb."

3. Allergic to dogs. 

Allergic to dogs

4. There's the difference?

There's the difference?

5. Bad idea about solar panels. 

Bad idea about solar panels.

6. I begging you to be a troll. It would be ideal if you 

I begging you to be a troll. It would be ideal if you

7. America, you're in great hands!

America, you're in great hands

8. Just figured out. 

Just figured out.

9. Wearing false. 

Wearing false

11. Difference between stupid. 

Difference between stupid

12. What a Gentleman!

13. London, are You In England?

London, are You In England

14. Please, stay a virgin for your son!

Please, stay a virgin for your son!

15. People make me sick...

People make me sick!

16. People, Is this Michigan? 

People, Is this Michigan?

17. About patriotism and irony.

About patriotism and irony.

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