Australian prankers will be in jail soon

Police filed charges against an Australian prankers who staged terrorist acts

Police filed charges against an Australian prankers depicting terrorists

February 22 Prank group Jalals published on YouTube the next episode of its series of videos in which she scares passers, changing clothes in Arab clothes and portraying terrorists.

As part of the new drawing Jalal brothers used the gangster tactics. They drove past the passers-by car, pretending to shoot out of the window with the help of machines and respective sham loud sounds.

On Facebook video gained more than 92 million likes, but for many users it has caused confusion. Commentators have noted that the actions of Jalal brothers are illegal and can lead to irreversible consequences, if any passerby would suddenly armed response and start shooting.

Police filed charges against an Australian prankers depicting terrorists

This time Jalals ganged even fans of their work, which confused the scene video with the little girl.

Police filed charges against an Australian prankers depicting terrorists

In response to accusations brothers issued a joint photo with her young "victim". According to them, the girl accidentally fell into their Prank, and for the inconvenience they gave her teddy bunny and candy.

Police filed charges against an Australian prankers depicting terrorists

However, this problem did not end Jalals. Their video attracted the attention of major Australian media, after which the brothers Jalal was called into the talk show The Project, where their opponent was a former military journalist Stan Grant (Stan Grant).

"I spent ten years of his life, talking about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I was standing in the blood of the victims of terrorists. People who died were also Muslims.
In these commercials is nothing funny or life, they are disgusting. You did not try to stop and think about what you thought to communicate to people? "

Stan Grant, journalist
Brothers Jalal recognized that their actions "irresponsible" and apologized to all the people they could offend, but by the time they have already attracted the attention of police.
On the morning of February 25, Australian authorities have indicated that the investigation started by video content available on the network, as well as Jalals summoned for questioning.

The same day, Victoria Police confirmed that prankers trio were charged with indecent behavior in public with fake firearms and dissemination of information in the social media offensive.
Older brothers 18 and 20 years old to stand trial on 20 May and the meeting for the younger, 16-year-old, will be held later.

Jalals first attracted the attention of the world media at the end of December, when they began to recruit millions of video views. At the same time, many netizens have accused the brothers that their jokes are staging: some videos of "victim" to respond as if they were forewarned.

So, what do you think about all this? Do you feel sorry for these guys for what they will soon get to prison for a long time for their tomfoolery? Share with friends and leave a comment!

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