3d-human organs and bones already created

Bioengineers have created technology Print 3d-human organs and bones

3d-human organs and bones created

Scientists from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forester in North Carolina created a 3d-printer that allows a stem cells to print copies of the human bone, cartilage and muscle. The work is published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

3d-human organs and bones created

According to the author of the study, the main challenge faced by experts, growing artificial organs, is that the fabric must be very thin because it does not get the nutrients and oxygen and die without blood vessels cells. Scientists were able to increase the survival rate of the cells by embedding micro-channels in the tissue, which performs the function of blood vessels.

3d-human organs and bones created

"Our results showed that the bionic inks in combination with micro-channels have provided the environment necessary for the life of cells and tissue growth," - said one of the authors of the study, the expert in the field of biotechnology Anthony Atala.

Scientists have printed artificial ears, muscle tissue, as well as fragments of the jaw. After this three-dimensional artificial ear was transplanted mouse. Two months later, the body "overgrown" with blood vessels, and cartilage embedded itself in bioprinter printed on the fabric.

3d-human organs and bones created

The study authors note that the technology needs to be improved before it can be moved outside the scope of laboratory experiments. But now its obvious advantage is easy printing organs based on 3d-scanning.

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