10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

Instructions for the tourists from the US and Europe who want to visit Russia and to learn russian people more closer

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

1. Do not come to visit with empty hands

If you are invited to dinner, or just to visit, not to come home without anything Russian. What exactly do you bring, not too important: a box of chocolates, flowers or a small toy for their child. Russian owners are prepared to receive guests, preparing their best dishes and buying delicacies that for themselves they would not normally buy. If, after the application of all these efforts, will meet Russian guest who did not bring them even a flower, it seems that he does not care.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

2. Take your shoes off when you go in someone's home

Russian apartments are carpeted. This is often expensive Persian rugs with intricate patterns that are not as easy to clean as usual American carpet. In addition, many Russian walk the dusty streets, and not just jump into the house from the car immediately. For these reasons, as well as the centuries-old tradition, the Russian take off their shoes when entering a home. Hosts usually wear slippers, going to a party, women are usually captured with a pair of good shoes to wear them indoors. Of course, if you do not take off shoes, no one will say anything. But mileage eyes - you can only sitting at a table in the snow-covered boots.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

3. Do not Mess parents

Russian political correctness. So, please, tell jokes, based on gender, appearance and ethnic stereotypes; but refrain jokes about someone's mother or fathers - you would not understand.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

4. Do not talk as toast, "To your health!"

People who do not speak in Russian, usually think that they know a Russian phrase for a toast - "To your health!". However, they do not know that, "To your health». Russian say when they are grateful for the delicious cooked meal. In Polish, "To your health" or something like that, it is the traditional phrase for a toast. On the other hand, Russian love to invent something long and complex as "For the friendship between the peoples». If you want to say a typical Russian toast, say, "For you!»

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

5. Do not take the "last shirt"

Russian proverb "give the shirt off» - to give away one s last shirt means "to give something, no matter what it will cost you." The Russian offer guests everything they want, is a sign of courtesy. Such desires are not limited to food or an overnight stay; Russian old school can offer you any thing about which you speak, like a painting on the wall, a vase or a sweater.

However, if you offer something, not necessarily to take it. Russian do not offer things because they want to get rid of them - they offer them in order to make you feel. Therefore, if you do not think the looting of their homes decent stunt, do not just take and offered to leave. First, give up, and then another couple of times, as the owners will insist. Take a gift only if you want that particular thing, but then repay good for good, giving owners something good in return.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

6. Do not dress too simple

Russian dress up more often than Americans. Even a simple walk Russian woman wearing a pair of high heels and fancy dresses. Hardened feminists say they do it because they harassed and oppressed, but Russian women explain it this way: "We live only once, and I want to look and feel as good as possible."

In some cases, all foreigners, regardless of gender, are the most modestly dressed people in the room. Usually this happens in the after-dinner gatherings or trips to the theater. A visit to the restaurant is also considered an event for which it is not necessary to come in jeans and a T-shirt, no matter how much you think the informal restaurant. In any case, ask about the dress code before you go somewhere.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

7. Do not pay bills together

This Russian fundamentally different from Western Europeans. They do not pay pool their savings. Therefore, if you invite a young lady on a date, do not expect that it will pay for itself - either in the restaurant or in any other place. Of course, you can invite her to pay for itself, but if you put in question the opportunity to see her again. She can not even be with them any money. Russian woman take money out on a date with a man only if it assumes that it invited a maniac, and she would have to escape through the back door.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

8. Do not allow women to wear heavy weights by herself

This rule can be annoying lovers of political correctness, but Russian believe that men are physically stronger than women. Therefore, you will show them rude if you just stand by and watch as a woman carrying something heavy.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

9. Be polite to the elderly on public transport

When the Russian come to America and travel by public transport, they are surprised that young people are sitting and standing next to mature. In America, I do not understand, you can sit here for an elderly person to offend. In Russia, if you do not give way to the elderly person or a pregnant woman, the whole bus would look at you as a criminal. Women, even (or especially) young, too often gives way to public transport. But this is optional. However, to get up and offer you should place the elderly.

10 things that are not allowed to do in Russia

10. Do not belch in public

The manifestations of the work your body in a society considered extremely rude, even if the resulting sound is long and expressive, and its author is proud of it. Moreover, if it still happens (we are all living people), do not apologize. Sorry, you acknowledge their involvement and attract more attention to the fact. Russian, meanwhile, horrified by what had happened, they would pretend not to notice anything, or quietly blame the dog. Of course, even though they did not show it, if you do not want you to stay in their memory because of this case, please refrain from this company.

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