10 new ways to cook eggs

10 new ways to cook eggs

Typically, eggs or burn, or cook the usual scrambled eggs. Meanwhile, from this wonderful product can make a real miracle cooking. Here are 10 original recipes that can perfectly complement your menu.

10 new ways to cook eggs

Every time you prepare a normal omelette or cook soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs, you lose the opportunity to try this healthy product in a new way. But you can get the same amount of protein, but also try the original, tasty dish, to the same aesthetic in appearance.

Here are 10 new ways to cook eggs and diversify their meal.

1. Baskets with eggs

10 new ways to cook eggs

For the preparation you will need baskets for muffins, bacon and eggs. Roll in a basket thin slices of bacon, break an egg into the middle of the basket and bake it all in the oven.

2. Scrambled eggs with an average availability yolk

10 new ways to cook eggs

If you like a little watery yolk, but not so that it flowed, you can cook an omelet like this: break the egg into the pan, greased with butter, cover and do not turn until cooked. Due to better cover the yolk will get in pepper with average readiness yolk Fried

3. The golden egg

10 new ways to cook eggs

This dish is French prepare for Easter, but you can eat it almost every day. Basis dishes - cream sauce made of flour, butter and milk. First cook hard-boiled eggs, and then the finished egg separate the white from the yolk.

Finely chopped protein is mixed with a cream sauce. The finished sauce spread on toast and top yolk crumbles.

4. Crispy poached eggs

10 new ways to cook eggs

These eggs can often be seen in the different French salads. First, boil a soft egg, then roll in bread crumbs and fry for 30-60 seconds on a greased pan. The dish turns out crispy outside and soft inside.

5. Fried eggs in the microwave

10 new ways to cook eggs

If you are too lazy to cook or fry eggs in the morning, you can make it easier. Break the egg, a little beat him to mix with the yolk protein, add green onions and ham and pour it all in the usual cup of coffee. One minute in the microwave, and your breakfast is ready.

6. French toast with cheese

10 new ways to cook eggs

Slices of bread soaked in milk-based sauce, sprinkle with cheese and bake them in a baking dish with eggs, milk and mustard.

7. omelette rolls

10 new ways to cook eggs

Whisk the eggs, pour them into the pan, greased, so that a layer of raw egg was in a thickness of about 2 cm. Wait until the eggs are cooked on one side, then flip the omelette, put on top of all that you want to turn in a roll, for example, sliced ​​ham and pepper. After the second side is cooked omelet, simply twist it into a roll.

8. Egg Souffle

10 new ways to cook eggs

Initially soufflé and make eggs, we just forgot about it since there was a chocolate souffle. But you can always prepare egg souffle home. This requires four egg yolks, three proteins, a little milk, butter and flour. It turns air fun.

9. Pancakes ableskiver

10 new ways to cook eggs

This Danish dish out the dough, but the eggs in it more than the test itself. To begin with whip the egg whites until stiff peaks, then in a separate bowl mix the flour, salt, sugar, egg yolks, butter, buttermilk and add the beaten egg whites.

The finished dough is poured into a special form, greased. When the bubbles have to constantly flip pancakes in the recess, so that they are not scorched.

10. Lush omelette

10 new ways to cook eggs

You probably ever tasted such an omelet in a cafe or restaurant, but it was impossible to make at home is just as magnificent dish.

Here is a recipe that will help make a truly magnificent omelet.
For the omelet you will need:
large eggs (yolks separated from whites) - 4 pcs .;
Water - 50 g;
butter or margarine - 1 tsp .;.
a pinch of salt;
a pinch of black pepper.
Preheat stove to 160 ° C.
In a medium bowl, combine egg whites, water and salt and beat with a mixer at high speed. In a small bowl mix egg yolks with a mixer and ground black pepper for about three minutes. Pour the egg yolks in a bowl with whipped proteins.

In the frying pan, melt butter and pour the beaten eggs on it. Slowly turn down the heat to low, cook for about five minutes or until the omelet will not lush, but its lower surface does not acquire a light brown color (carefully lift it to see color).

Continue to cook an omelette about 12-15 minutes. Readiness check with a knife: if you happen to stick it in the middle and get clean, omelet is ready.

Tilt the pan to omelet slid on the plate, gently fold it in half and serve with salsa or tomato-based pasta sauce.

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