China's supertrain of 1,800 miles / hour

In China, developing super train with the theoretical speed of 1,800 miles / hour

The research team from China successfully tested a prototype vehicle is incredibly fast - supermagleva, high-speed train, which could theoretically accelerate to nearly 1,800 miles / h. That is three times faster than the cruising speed of a passenger airliner.

Concept Supermaglev developed by the Laboratory of Applied Superconductivity in the South Eastern University of Jiao Tong, uses the same technology, which was previously proposed by Tony Stark Elon Musk with his concept Hyperloop: movement of staff will be carried out inside the vacuum tunnels that would eliminate the energy impact of air resistance and to achieve ultra-high speeds. Researchers say that when the vehicle is at a speed in excess of 250 miles / hour, 83 per cent of energy is spent on the fight against air resistance.

However, the magnetic levitation train in the tunnel vacuum (though so far only in theory) can actually reach speeds of 1,800 miles / h. And all because of being in a vacuum environment, the composition will have to spend only one-tenth of the energy that is spent in overcoming air resistance in an open environment.

Dr. Deng Zigang, head of the research project, also believes that this is indeed possible to use the train inside the isolated from external influences environment. According to him, these vacuum tubes in theory can even be used to launch rockets into space, as well as for military purposes - to speed up the shells.

Of course, all this is just a theoretical concept. However, Dr. Zigang tested a maglev test sample within a 40-foot circular pipe at a speed of 30 miles / h. However, the Institute continues to research on superconductors and maglev technology, and Dr. Zigang and his team hope to be able to disperse its prototype faster, much faster.

Do think it's really possible?

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