How to check the logic of future spies

Here is a picture. It depicts a fictional landscape. The following are questions to which answers can be found by looking closely at the picture, because there are a lot of tips!

Now try to answer these questions:
1. How much time is left until the new moon?
2. Do come soon night?
3. What time of the year the figure?
4. In which way the river flows?
5. Is it navigable?
6. How fast moving train?
7. How long have passed the previous train here?
8. How long will the car move along the railway?
9. Why should prepare for a driver?
10. Is there a nearby bridge?
11. Is there an airfield in the area?
12. Is it easy to slow down passing trains machinists composition?
13. Whether the wind is blowing?

1. A bit. Month old (see his reflection in the water).
2. Not soon. Old month is seen at dawn.
3. Autumn. The position of the sun is easy to figure out that the cranes fly south.
4. In the rivers flowing into the northern hemisphere, the right bank is steep. So the river flows away to the horizon.
5. Navigable. One can see the buoys.
6. Train is. Lights lower traffic light eye - red.
7. Recently. It is now near the locking section.
8. A road sign indicates that the front of the railway crossing.
9. Braking. Traffic sign shows steep slope ahead.
10. Probably there. It should be a sign of obliging the driver to close the ash pit.
11. In the sky Aircraft trail, make a loop. aerobatic maneuvers are allowed to make only a short distance from the airfields.
12. The sign near the railway line indicates that passing trains would have to climb up the slope. It would be easy to brake.
13. Blowing. Smoke spreads locomotive and train since, as we know, still.

Now, check yourself and leave a comment below

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